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    Quality Wooden Products


    Since our beginning in 1984, we have worked tirelessly to earn our reputation for

    quality and dependability in all wooden products we offer.

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    Custom-Made Furniture


    We specialize in manufacturing high-quality wooden furniture based on projects

    of both our designers and customers.

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    Renovation and Remodeling


    Our specialists also provide a range of remodeling and renovation services to the

    local residents. Even if your goal is a complex one, we can accomplish it!

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    Wood Processing


    We offer reliable services of wood processing to smaller woodworking companies.

    It includes transformation of wood step by step.

Over 15 Years of Experience


WoodWorks is the result of more than 30 years' construction experience of John Smith and his team of woodworking experts. In the late 90s, the timber frame "Revival" happening in San Francisco caught John's attention and he fell in love with this ancient craft.

Years in the "stick-frame" industry convinced him that the standards of quality in material and technique were diminishing in regular construction. Since our foundation, we have completed more than 200 projects all over the United States for individual customers and small companies.


Our Portfolio


WoodWorks specializes in a wide variety of woodworking services that range from custom furniture manufacturing to renovation and remodeling services.

What Clients Say

What We Do


Every year our company manufactures many pieces of furniture that are used at thousands of homes and offices across the States.



In the manufacturing process of  furniture there are several stages of processes.  All of them must be done in furniture making to get maximal quality and finally get satisfied from buyer especially if the furniture is custom-made.



For us, design has no limit and value. We constantly strive to make sure that our clients get the best office renovation services possible. We offer our services to corporate and commercial industries of all types and sizes.



Being the most popular woodworking company in the United States, WoodWorks offers an extensive range of wood processing services, which involve processing forestry products, semi-finished products, surface finishing etc.


Explore some of the most beautiful and comfortable furniture by our craftsmen. There is a wide variety of furniture and wooden accessories available at our shop.